Monday, May 04, 2009

Poem: A Lover's Recourse (jealousy)

jalousie / jealousy

The wine has turned to water, then to vinegar.
The guest will finish up the bridegroom’s vinegar.

Tell me you have not kissed another man since when.
May your mouth taste on every cock my vinegar.

A stone will eat better if seasoned in a sauce.
You let me dip my bread into your vinegar.

I want to savor every dish served in the feast.
Why soak all, like the vulgar, in the vinegar?

I will say it plainly. My heart is very sore.
My head is swimming. I will write in vinegar.

A common proof of love, they say, is jealousy.
The Chinese thinks that rice invented vinegar.

He complains he is thirsty. What do we have, boys?
Soak a sponge, Jee, and offer him some vinegar.

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