Thursday, May 07, 2009

Poem: A Lover's Recourse (obscene)

obscéne / obscene

Stop making a big scene about your broken heart.
Put it back in your pants, the soft and weepy heart.

If history is a roll-call of militant men,
the lover has no place in history but his heart.

I am unmoved by daily pictures of the dead.
A poet sings of toads and strikes straight at my heart.

A porn star has nothing on me when it comes to
the business of pumping the last drop from the heart.

Was Sade outrageous about a turkey and a pope?
No more than fucking up a surgeon with a heart.

To be a psychic, a witch doctor or a cook,
I have to be well versed in matters of the heart.

The obscene is a view Jee finds congenital.
Between a poem’s legs is found a poet’s heart.

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