Saturday, May 09, 2009

Poem: A Lover's Recourse (ravishment)

ravissement / ravishment

I shuddered, surprised, when you took me in your mouth.
It was as if you took my cock and not my mouth.

A shudder is a premonition of suffering
before surrendering to the pleasure of your mouth.

The soft nothing of it! A cotton shirt against the skin.
Don’t tear away the cover of cloth from my mouth.

My feet have walked on the sea sitting on the sand.
My mouth has tasted the light wetness of your mouth.

A needle’s eye is not made for a needle’s eye
but your mouth pulls a thread and closes tight my mouth.

I have not yet described the treasure of your tongue.
I think my mouth will keep it secret in your mouth.

Jee was so ready for a ravishment and you
were most ravishing when you pulled out of my mouth.

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