Friday, May 15, 2009

Poem: A Lover's Recourse (will-to-possess)

The final one in the series. I'm done.

vouloir-saisir / will-to-possess

The summer does not hold to love and it has love.
I would release him but what is holding me? Love.

Shooting his load, the Buddhist monk kept his eyes
open. What is the black bird in the window? Love.

Last night my ex fucked me as if it was our first.
What do we share when we don’t share a house? Love.

The banks don’t hide a wish to hold the river up.
If power builds a dam, what will bring down power? Love.

As Monet lost his eyes, his hands grew more abstract.
The color of the water lilies? Blue? No, love.

When Henry James wrote, “You have time. You are young. Live!”
what does the Master mean? I think the man means love!

Jee, the unlikely initial of God, you wish
so much for Paul, and so much for Paul wish for love.


Larry said...

Jee, thank you so much for the series. It is full of the special pleasures one seeks in poetry.

Jee Leong Koh said...

I'm glad you like this one, Larry. Always appreciate hearing from you.