Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Poem: A Lover's Recourse (monstrous)

My tongue fingers the sharpened knifepoint of my teeth.
They bite off other tongues. They are man-eating teeth.

Love did not give me a vote in my mutant birth.
Behind my tender kisses hide my carving teeth.

The muscle of your jaw cramps when you sing or yawn
because at night, beside a grave, you grind your teeth.

There is always a touch of humor in the monstrous.
There is a bone of laughter held between the teeth.

I am a lover but a poor horseman. I read
somewhere that you can tell a good horse by its teeth.

Many men complimented Jee on his sweet smile.
I don’t trust flattery. My smile shows too much teeth.

I broke my love. Where there were eyes, there are now peepholes.
Your bleeding mouth denounces all my bloody teeth.

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